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Funny Money

Sep 26, 2016

Economic experts Peter Schiff and Doug Casey make the case for why the economic situation going forward, as Doug calls it, "is going to be a shitshow". Peter Schiff points out the current conventional course you are on may lead your economic ship directly into the rocks because your captain is drunk on indoctrination....

Sep 19, 2016

Recently, Sheldon sat down with billionaire investor Steve Forbes to discuss the direction of the economy and what investors can do. In this episode of Funny Money, Bob and Sheldon break down the interview, taking time to make sense of what this economic genius has to say.

Sep 12, 2016

In this episode of Funny Money, Bob and Sheldon have a laugh at how ridiculous the housing market has become in many parts of the country. As luxury housing prices start to fall in Miami and Aspen, Sheldon and Bob break down other warning signs of a potential downturn in the housing market.

Sep 5, 2016

Bob and Sheldon look at pets differently. While Sheldon looks at the practically, Bob literally stares his pets in the face. From Cockatoos to Kitty Cats, Bob breaks down the costs associated with pets, and the rewards of owning them. Sheldon simply recounts stories of what he thought was his childhood pets, becoming...