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Funny Money

Nov 28, 2016

You have got your mind on your money and your money on your mind, but what about your gut? Bob and Sheldon discuss how to listen to your gut when dealing with money.

Nov 21, 2016

T'is the season for debt based holiday cheer! Pour yourself an egg nog. Feel free to make it a good one. Sit back and listen to Bob and Sheldon help you balance your budget during the holidays. Post holiday credit card balance may change your holiday cheer to holiday tears.

Nov 14, 2016

Bob and Sheldon use words to discuss the words you use to sell yourself short!! That's a lot of words. Somewhere between "The Secret" and the facts lies a pathway to financial success that only you choose. Do you want to choose the difficult path or the easy path? The way you speak to yourself is the difference maker....

Nov 7, 2016

Sheldon can't decide if he wants a Range Rover Sport or an Audi A7, or if he should just be comfortable with his 1995 BMW. Bob and Sheldon discuss materialism and how it affects your financial well being. Can we really make ourselves feel better by owning more stuff, or are we just being sold a bag of goods through...