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Funny Money

Jun 19, 2017

Bob & Sheldon talk about how your beliefs and expectations might play a role in your current & future financial situation.  If you are heading to New York from Los Angeles, are you going to walk, drive or fly?  In the same way with your finances, what vehicles will you use to get you where you want to be?  Have a laugh...

Jun 12, 2017

Coffin in dirt or Consumed by fire?  If you are like everyone else, you will most likely die at some point.  Listen in with Bob & Sheldon as they talk about getting your affairs in order before your expiration date so everyone else doesn’t have to guess what you wanted.  That way, you can have the...

Jun 5, 2017

See your future, be your future.  We often pray for money but is there a spiritual component to your finances?  Is the Secret for you?  Do you intentionally manifest abundance in your life?  Listen & laugh as Bob & Sheldon discuss intentions, being broke, having abundance and expressing gratitude.